Frequently Asked Questions

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What is this event anyway?

The Art Party is a lot of people milling around admiring the artwork on the walls, the walls, each other, themselves – generally having a good time and feeling vaguely decadent and perhaps slightly French….and hopefully buying art. The Art Party has grown exponentially.   The first Art Party in 2007 took place in our house and featured the artwork of our own talented friends and family members. The second Art Party featured them… and their talented friends and family members. The third Art Party, featured all of the above PLUS their talented friends and family members. By the time the fourth Art Party came around, we had expanded way beyond our own house, and we moved into a warehouse.  That event featured so many things we can’t even get our heads around it.  The fifth Art Party got even bigger, and now we have expanded out of the warehouse.   The sixth Art Party saw a move to the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds, and was — for the first time — open to the public. We heard it was amazing, but we don’t remember anything about it.

We have NO IDEA what this year will bring.   You, hopefully.

Who are these artists, and how are they selected?

Participants in the Art Party are nominated by prior participants.  If you are interested in participating, have a look at the lists of participants found on the old websites (listed on the footer of THIS website) and see if you can find someone to nominate you.   * Please note that “nomination” does not guarantee admission.   All nominees’ work will be reviewed by a panel of jurors.  (Not just Anne and Mark!)   Don’t know anyone at all who would nominate you?  If you would like to submit your work for consideration outside the nomination process, we finally have a process to do that. All this and more is explained on the SUBMISSION PAGES.  If you are a visual artist (or any other kind of artist whose work would normally be displayed in the context of an indoor gallery space, CLICK HERE.   If you are any other kind of artist (and we hope there are many of you) CLICK HERE.

So, can I buy their work?

Most Art Party artists would love to sell their work.   We do not get involved in the logistics of any sales.   All sales are direct from the artist to the buyer, and ARTWORK MUST STAY AT THE FAIRGROUNDS FOR THE DURATION OF THE SHOW.  If you like a piece, ask the artist directly.  Their contact information is available on the label next to their works.  It is also available on the website.   Many artists sell books and posters of their work, so even if you don’t have the wall space or budget for a painting, you may still find something great!   Every single one of the artists, musicians, and performers has DONATED huge amounts of time and energy into this project because they believe in Art, and they believe in the power of community.   Please support them by thanking them, and (if you are so inclined), buy their work … or get on their mailing list!   ALL SALES ARE DIRECTY BETWEEN ARTIST AND BUYER.   We do not get involved here, but we hope you do!

Are children invited?

This is an adult party.   If your children enjoy standing around talking about art and acting profound, they are more than welcome…as long as you are going to keep tabs on them.  Otherwise they’d probably rather do something else.

What about food?

Artists don’t eat.   However, a variety of food will be available for purchase from gourmet food trucks.  Beer, wine and water… and probably some other things as well, will be available from no-host bars for the masses.  If you have a VIP ticket, you get all kinds of extra perks including food and drink until 8pm. We will be requiring ID for alcohol, so if you look under thirty, be thankful.  It doesn’t last that long.  And bring your ID.

What should I wear?

That probably depends on who you are. (Or who you want other people to think you are.)      



That paint spattered look is always convincing.   And comfortable.



As long as you leave the Gauloises at home.



We can’t vouch for the weather, but we certainly don’t want anyone to feel inhibited.  You will be the center of attention.



Urbane and sophisticated, black tie is always appropriate.  You will definitely be the best-dressed person at the party, and we will all admire you intensely.



Hey, as long as you clean your boots, we’re fine with that.

Bottom Line:

Comfortable Shoes and Brush your Hair! (and your teeth)

* by the way, this is just a good general rule for life.
How do I talk to an actual person?

We really prefer you email us at, but if an actual, living, breathing person is absolutely necessary (we have all been there!),  dial 408-691-5000.  (You will probably get Georgie’s voice mail, but she will get back to you, and if you know of anyone who would like to take over the phone bank, send ’em on over!)

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