Head of everything

Head of everything


By day, Georgie Huff is a real Estate broker and since 1979 the President of Capital Properties, a downtown residential sales and marketing company.

Georgie has been a passionate ambassador and advocate for the rebirth of downtown San Jose.  As President and founding board member of the San Jose Downtown Association, her involvement in many Civic Commissions and Boards and her current participation in Downtown SJ Rotary have been invaluable. She has participated in the planning and implementation of many large scale events such as the San Jose Downtown Association’s America Festival and Music in the Park series and the US Festival. For the Art Party, since its inception in 2006, her title is HOE, Head of Everything – except the art – which she quickly explains is a big title for ensuring there are enough porta-potties.

Interesting Fact about Georgie:

Georgie and her band, Freedom Boulevard, did a mean cover of White Rabbit.  When Marianne Salas quit the band because she was spending too much harmonizing, and not with Carl, the band kind of fell apart.  But their performances in the Naglee Park 4th of July picnic will always be remembered—  both for the music and the fact that Georgie got around permits by placing the bar on her own front porch.

White Rabbit

In her own words

“I became involved with the Art Party because I just liked being around Anne and Mark, my neighbors.  They liked to have meetings and talk about their creative ideas for this wacky event they were envisioning, and I liked sitting around drinking their wine. I could see, however, that they preferred the creative process whereas I— my practical self — worried about the mechanics of the event. It became a perfect union. On a personal note, I am forever grateful to Anne and Mark for including my then-13-year-old son in the first Art Party. His graffiti covered pizza boxes were gobbled up by collectors, and I believe this in itself changed his self esteem and turned him around from an adolescent-spiraling-mess to the talented young man he is today — pursuing art, music and love of the earth.   Thank you Anne & Mark!!! “

– Georgie Huff

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