Starway – Debbie Davies



StarWay is an interactive sculpture where people can change the sculpture the more they interact with it.

Standing over fifteen feet tall, StarWay appears to have been thrown to earth with two of its points fixed firmly into the ground.


Star Point


Pink Star

Each of the two hundred and twenty star light up under a bank of uv in  blue, green and yellow. However, StarWay is interactive and each one of StarWay’s stars light up internally  if you are in possession of a ‘wishing star’.  These ‘wishing stars’ once presented and placed on the ‘wishing star console’  (that sits in front Starway), results in one of the stars on StarWay to light up in pink. Once the wish is make the star that lit up for you will return to shining white but it shines that little bit brighter as a result of your interacting with it.

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