Adon Valenziano

Two Time Art Party Participant



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Artist’s Statement

I draw much of my sculptural vocabulary from the forms found in nature: plants, animals, insects, seedpods, pollen grains, fungi, bones and the human figure. While my visual vocabulary is deeply rooted in the natural world, I also draw vocabulary from the synthetic or machine world. The resulting sculptures are, in part, an attempt to imagine a new ecology—one in which the organic world and the synthetic world exist in a state of symbiosis.


I call these hybrid creations Biometamorphs, from “bio” meaning life or organism, “meta” meaning to transform or transcend, and “morph” meaning form or shape. Though I borrow vocabulary from the visible world, I am not interested in mimesis. Rather, I am interested in transmuting existing visible forms into fantastical entities, through a mixture of surrealism, abstraction, and hybridity.


Most of my work is constructed using a combination of bronze, wood and glass. I approach each sculpture as if I were reconstructing a rare specimen or preserving unique fossil remains. My goal is to create the illusion that each sculpture has grown into its form rather than having been assembled or constructed. While my materials and methods are rooted in the historic art-making practices of cast bronze, carved wood and blown glass, my goal is to create work that exists somewhere outside of all of these traditions, work that is ambiguously alien yet strangely recognizable.


About the Artist

Born in Tucson Arizona