Angelica Muro

Two Time Art Party Participant
La Dona


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Artist’s Statement

Using irony to explore class and cultural identity, from an agricultural worker dressed in a Gucci wardrobe to brand name fragrances deglamourized by pesticide application equipment, I seek to merge provocative and destabilizing elements to facilitate a dialogue about the social, cultural and political issues that define and shape our consumer identity. Through appropriation of video footage, drawings, and photography, I use digital media to create composites that shamelessly juxtapose symbols of economic class. One of the key indicators of consumer identity is placement on the spectrum of wealth. Focusing on the extreme disconnect between both ends, I observe the territory of consumer goods, mass media images of beauty, and the haves vs. the have-nots. My work examines goods that have reached iconographic status such as Manolo Blahnik shoes, which speak to the preposterousness of an accessory elevating a person′s social standing.




About the Artist

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