Beth Waldman

 First Time Art Party Participant

Mollendo No. 5


Artist’s Website



Artist’s Statement

For four decades now, I have been setting up camp around the world. I work with what is revealed by the site and the fingerprints I impart, always with the help of strangers. My art considers site, community, material and experience. Inspired urban landscapes from my international travels, my paintings explore the vulnerability of the pillars of our foundations as humans that are revealed through architecture.


Six odysseys to my maternal homeland Arequipa, Peru since the 1970s serve as the primary building blocks of my work. Like so many memories of place, several of my paintings are constructed from a montage of imagery. Others deconstruct a single image, creating a shifting landscape of color fields and negative space to speak to the way we experience and register life. The fractured quality of the work results from digitally deconstructed photographs, painted line work and a constructive painterly approach. My artwork uses multiple perspectives to tell the story of a place of compounded time, embracing photography, texture and at times, text. Large abstract textured planes are juxtaposed with layers of realism; symbols of the past and present exist in conjunction. Navigating social and political landscapes inspires me to investigate the fragility and potential of their existence at a global level.




About the Artist

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