Cado Dos Santos

  Musician  • Four Time Art Party Participant





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Do you know about Cado Dos Santos yet?   If you don’t … bruh, you are really missing out. The first time I heard this guy was at this coffee shop over in the “SOFA” district of San Jose. It was winter and rather dreary for California. Which means there was a bit of rain … but whatever.


Besides the point.


This guy tho. Once he started playing his old guitar, which was covered in stickers all punk rock style, I felt as if I was transported to some tropical paradise populated by laid back philosopher poets and Brazilian models.


Cado’s bossanova stylings … man … you have to experience it … so chill. If you are hanging out with us at Mimosa Social Scene tho … you’ll get to check him out too. Dude. So good.