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About Chilindrina

Chilindrina began when bassist, Gloria Martinez, and guitarist, Jerry Lozano’s previous group, a local San Jose dreampop band known as, Casting Circles, dispersed due to creative differences. The Two met drummer, Michael Walsh and guitarist, Sebastian Figueroa, also San Jose locals, at a Casting Circles show in San Francisco, California, a few months prior to the band’s split. Vocalist, Lizzie Whitfield’s “singer for hire” internet post read well and soon the five-piece band began churning out some noisy and moody jams at their practice studio, which happens to be on old Victorian farm house built in the 1860s, in San Jose. The Band’s sound is a result of growing up on Matador and 4AD and a back catalog of sad and noisy indie rock spanning the last four decades.

Chilindrina is:

Lizzie Whitfield – Vocalist

Gloria Martinez – Bassist / Backup Vocalist

Jerry Lozano – Guitarist

Sebastian Figueroa – Guitarist

Michael Walsh – Drummer