Daniel Brickman

 First Time Art Party Participant
One Big Cluster Seed


Artist’s Website



Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I am:


…driven by material experimentation.


…interested in communicating ideas that arise through the process of making. This relation of process and idea offers itself as an artistic microcosm of my everyday experience. Through this lens, materials have value based on their utility, their relationship with other materials, and their aesthetic qualities.


…interested in the cyclical nature of matter and time. For example, as stellar dust gravitates into planetary bodies and forms life as we know it, then explodes into pieces which germinate new life. Or, as a tomato plant develops from seedling to harvest, producing fruit and seeds.


I seek to make work that could have come from the ground. The studio is a place of surrender and intuition. I sense something bigger than myself, mysterious and visceral.




About the Artist

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