Glenn Carter

   Two Time Art Party Participant
The Specimen Jar

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Artist’s Statement

These works attempt to explore and pose questions about the nature of our relationship, through memory, dream and consciousness, to an ever-present mystery shimmering beneath the surface of the natural world.


Through cycles of generation and deterioration these natural forces, beyond our control, would seem to lead us, as humans, to engage in philosophical and or theistic practice as a means to cope with or revere that mystery of the unknown.


The illusion of a reality pursued with determination and the fragile state of existence of our form, as flesh, are on a voyage with this mysterious nature. To what end are we being led through what veils have we passed? Will we remember being born? Will we remember everything everywhere?


The, what is termed, neutral palette is based on the notion of black (masculine), white (feminine) and red (neutral) in a symbolic representation of the manifestation of the natural world, conceptually linking the illogical parts of the imagery or imagined to a poetic whole.


Somewhere between phenomena and control I am pursuing my fragile being.