Harriet Garfinkle

 Four Time Art Party Participant • Art Party Supporter


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Artist’s Statement

I love drawings, doodles, cartoons, whatever pops out of my brain and onto the page. I try to meld my interior life with the subject, thus removing a layer of reality and forcing me into self-examination.


When I draw, you will find me listening and not talking, which is very unusual for me. No matter the media or the subject, my art is therefore a challenge or a response to issues current in my life.


My abiding interest is a post-modern perspective: people and the mundane, the pedestrian viewpoint and the motivations in our ordinary lives.


I dance. I have danced all my life in one form or another. I dance when I paint or draw and I see where the pen or bush or charcoal take me. I let the page dance with me and I see what emerges. I let my inner voice speak as I quiet my outer voice.


About the Artist

2010 Anne & Mark’s Art Party Juried Exhibit

2011 Anne & Mark’s Art Party Juried Exhibit

2014 Anne & Mark’s Art Party Juried Exhibit