Hildy Bernstein

 Five Time Art Party Participant • Art Party Supporter


boy with gun




Artist’s Statement

One day a bird flew into my studio and could not find its way out. The studio is over two stories high and at the tallest point there is a very large opaque skylight. The bird only wanted to fly up, over and over again, fluttering against the illuminated surface.  I opened the door and some windows, and called up from below, “Look down little bird.  The door.  The door.”  Pointing and waving had no effect.  I sat below it and began to paint, feigning indifference.


There is much in the world I don’t want to watch, but somehow even without my watching, it still exists. And then, there is the way the world shows up in my artwork. Dark and light. Figures and then landscapes.  The beauty of opposites…


Lost in painting… when I look up again, the bird is gone.