Irina Malkmus

 Seven Time Art Party Participant 
Lonely Bird



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Artist’s Statement

It is not easy to paint, yet only with this challenge do I live fully. 


I have over 20 sketchbooks where I collect and play with ideas. Some complex and beautiful paintings are born from a single line on a page. My work can be termed as visual journalism. I observe the relationship of people and nature,in turn the resulting feelings and thoughts are interpreted by my imagination. 


I enjoy experimenting by combining elements, styles, media . . . I feel joy when I’m able to transform and incorporate diverse pieces are into harmonious unity. I do a lot of alternative artwork. I make books using different techniques and media to tell interactive visual stories. I do collages and do textile art (wool felting, crochet). One of my favorite medium is a thin flat pewter. I use it as a canvas for 3-D art. Ultimately my goal is to draw the audience into my view of the world. 


I have exhibited my work in various locations including Oakland, San Jose, Santa Maria, Santa Ynez and Solvang. They have been shown in cafes, galleries and art shows. I always get a positive response and this reinforces a positive loop. I am happy and feel abundant inspiration.I want to continue to create thought provoking art, show it and be successful. 


Pewter embossing combines old art metal techniques known as chasing and repousse. Repousse is the modeling or embossing of thin malleable sheets of metal with hand held tools to create a 3-dimensional decorative design. My original artwork on pewter is embossed by drawing the design on the reverse with pressure and then working both sides to make the design prominent and add details. My work incorporates various methods such as gilding, embossing, patina effects, etching, engraving and chasing. I use color as well. All the pieces have protective coating to prevent tarnishing.


The theme of my artwork is a response to the natural world, in particular the fantastic and magical metamorphosis of nature.