Jennifer Siddens

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About the Artist

Jennifer grew up in Los Altos, California and returned to the west coast after graduating from Hillsdale College in Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and art history (she is still thawing out from the Midwest winters). She currently resides in Mountain View with her husband and two young sons. As the child of immigrant parents, Jennifer was fortunate enough to be brought up with a diverse world view that encouraged her to travel and connect with other cultures. While always happy to get lost in different corners of the world, she always gladly returns to California. Her love of this state and its coastline in particular can often be seen in her work.


Jennifer’s art goes between abstraction and visual storytelling, her recent work being in mixed media—an exploration of textures through paint, paper, and non-traditional materials. Lately, she’s been working to combine her love of illustration with these techniques to add an element of narrative to her work, conveying stories through text, lines, and layers. Aside from following her process here through the catalog of her work and blog, you can also follow her progress on Instagram.