Kim Pourciau

 First Time Art Party Participant
The Possibility in Broken Dreams



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Artist’s Statement

My work is an antithetical mixture of the extraordinary and the everyday.


This dress sculpture is made from my wedding china following my divorce. It’s symbolic of the devastation that comes from literally and figuratively being broken, but the piece is more a representation of hope. It embodies the unbound possibility that being broken brings. These porcelain fragments, with all their jagged irregularities, are pieced together to create something completely new, something they could never have been without being broken first.


Much of my work contains a mixture of contemporary art media and cast-off or found objects. I love breeding new life into found objects, elevating their purpose through art by using them in unusual ways. I feel I’m still in the exploration phase of my art at times, experimenting with different media and forms of artistic expression. Walking through a hardware store or a salvage yard stirs my creative energy as much now as an art supply store did when I was a kid. My brain begins piecing together the odds and ends that I see, figuring how they can come together to express something greater. Although my media continue to evolve, many of the themes in my art have remained constant. People and the raw emotions connected with the human experience have fueled much of my creative drive since the beginning. Finding ways to express sentiment, to create a visual art piece capable of provoking a feeling in the viewer, continues to be the motivating factor behind my art.


About the Artist

I am a self-taught artist living on the outskirts of New Orleans, Louisiana with my two children. I’ve been an artist my whole life, but it’s only recently, when I finally dispelled the starving artist myth in my head, that I began putting my artwork out there. Since making this revelation my artwork has been used in publications, shown in galleries and museums across the country, and joined the private collections of numerous art lovers.