Lisa Kairos

 First Time Art Party Participant
Early Morning East Bay #2


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Artist’s Statement

My approach to contemporary landscape involves a combined walking and studio practice. I look for patterns of interaction between land, water, atmosphere, light, and human structures and interventions. From this experience, I create multi-layered, meticulous, abstracted landscapes using materials that transmit or reflect light. Elements in my paintings correspond with elements in the landscape, such as horizon, light, movement, reflection, color, line of sight, precipitation, cloud formation, land works, structures, multiple perspectives, arc of sky, and depth of field. The works sometimes borrow the visual syntax of maps and charts and become a form of speculative cartography. Decentralized imagery creates a sense of floating space and upended orientation. Instead of describing a specific moment or view, these paintings depict fluid space, and accumulation of observation and memory.


My current project is called “The Periphery Project” because I am walking the periphery of the San Francisco Bay and documenting my experience in paintings and photographs.


Join me while I explore: Follow my project and studio practice on Instagram (@lkairos)



About the Artist

Born in San Jose, California, USA


Lisa Kairos is a Bay Area artist whose focus is contemporary landscape. She has been painting for 27 years, shows her work nationally, and teaches painting workshops in addition to her studio practice.