Mandy Spitzer

 First Time Art Party Participant


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

I spend a lot of time in nature and lately on the Monterey Bay. I have become a rower, yes, in one of those very skinny boats that go backwards. I spend much time with water, fog, whales, otters, dolphins and birds, birds, birds. When I come to my sketchpad this is what comes up over and over. Trying to convey this impression of flight, water and the early morning into hard steel has become my passion. Then I fell in love a few years ago with the phenomenon of Murmuration—choreographed bird ballet in the sky. So what you are seeing here is my translation of that beauty and the stillness broken by the flapping of cormorant wings across the waves into metal.


About the Artist

I have been making art since the early 1970’s. First as a glass blower and photographer, then warm glass and finally for the last 25 years a metal worker. Lots of shows here in the Bay Area, San Francisco and Los Angeles in the ’80’s, Italy in the ’90’s and all over Santa Cruz County. I will be participating in Open Studios again in October. Please come visit me in my studio.