Ron Hemphill

 First Time Art Party Participant
quartz hill


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Artist’s Statement

I look, burn, shoot, mark, stamp, rub, print, copy, cut, rip, carve, try, wait, and then do over. I think and then try not to, I discover and then ignore, I make rules and then break them. I isolate and then incorporate.


I’m attempting to broker a feeling. I’ve been attempting this since the beginning. There is a fleeting feeling… like longing, but less acute. Tender and vaporous, it is a veiled recognition, like déja vu or a memory of a dream. Whether or not I’ve been able to transfer or project this sensation to anyone remains a mystery, but I keep trying.


The end is the beginning. The alpha and the omega.


A process of endings and beginnings is the basis of my art-making process today.


I began by making gif animations and video loops as a direct response to this line of inquiry. Creating short films in which I carefully joined the ending and beginning of the film to seamlessly play indefinitely.


I create animations and photo series comprised of circumnavigating an object and photographing it from many equally spaced positions, or creating a round-trip map and photographing as I travel the route, until I return to the starting point.


As I finish one collage, I use remnants and scraps from the last piece I create to start the next piece, like a mother yeast or an eternal flame. I utilize a growing lexicon of images that overlap from series to series.


Beginnings and endings are also the basis of our lives:


My entrance into the world was a sideways exit from the body and life of a tough, teenaged Catholic girl. That goodbye led to a tiny hello to the eager Mormon couple who adopted and reared me.


My early departure from high school proved to be the arrival into my real education. While midnight sketchbooks squirreled in dark boxes, rolls of hazy film never developed, videotaped nightmares stored in a drawer, or forgotten songs sung to a dirty mattress wasn’t an ideal art eduction, it was enough of a foundation to begin…




About the Artist

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