Terrence Jon

  CroonHop, AltPopRock   • First Time Art Party Participant
Terrence Jon






About Terrence Jon


Terrence Jon’s multi-faceted art explodes in today’s escalating globe with the rich intensity of a hip prophet. Terrence Jon’s voice extends beyond the canvas or sculpture, manifesting itself into wide spanning, conceptual multi-media work which include live performance, music and video. The artist streams via rhyming words, reflecting concepts, beliefs, life lessons, observations, though intense dialogue he defines as “::cULTURE:gLU::” His art continues through his vocals—rocking out, singing about life with a degree of intensity that transforms standards, the average or the everyday with an spiritual edginess until the strength of his rhythmic expression finally bursts into the incredible, amazing, even dazzling. Some say the he has even created his own new genre of music—”CroonHOP.” Terrence Jon’s poetic spirit shines through his soulful voice emoting powerful lyrics woven into an uplifting alt.pop organic rhythm that goes straight to your heart making you move & groove to this universal message.