Bob Marzewski

  First Time Art Party Participant


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

Start with a 1000 things.


One of something is often junk. A thousand of the same thing is the beginning of an art piece.


I’ve always had a need to create.


When people see the things I create and tell me that they are not creative, I tell them to collect a thousand of something.


Play with them and see how they fit together; how they connect; how you might attach them to each other.


Play until they tell you how to make them interesting.



About the Artist

I grew up the son of a carpenter. I used to go to job sites with my dad where I learned skills to make things. I have been building ever since.


For the past 17 years I’ve been constructing small and large art installations, both individually and as the artist/project leader, at the art and music festival known as Burning Man.


This year, I was approached by a representative of Anne and Mark’s Art Party to to do an installation for the party. Thus, I took a break from my usual habit of building for the desert to build a 100′ long Rabbit Hole as a gateway to the party.


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