Deborah Trilling

 Five Time Art Party Participant 




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Artist’s Statement

When I create a painting there is no past or future, there is the paint, the knife in my hands, and the canvas in front of me. There is color, form, light, texture, edges, and obsession. The work has technique, but it is pure expression. When it works, it is an alchemical encounter—like joyfully playing in the mud and building something from nothing.


My artwork reflects many different styles. I have done large scale portrait paintings such as the portrait of Olivia, a painting/sculpture series on the Holocaust, (some of which can be found in Bittersweet Legacy: Creative Responses to the Holocaust), dress paintings ,  still life paintings , animal paintings, and photography.  Two ongoing projects are photographs entitled, The Wit and Wisdom of Dolls, and an illustrated work with brief inspirational quotes entitled, A Journey through PTSD .


Recent work includes paintings of toys for an installation on Childhood and Nostalgia and oil paintings based on iconic images of Western art from the Greco-Roman, Renaissance, Mannerist, and Baroque periods. I have also dabbled in children’s book illustration and have kept visual journals for the last several years.