Gary Stevens

   First Time Art Party Participant

Ancient Forest Landscape Series Redwood Bloom #1


Artist’s Website


Artist’s Statement

Gary Steven’s art reflects his love of his native California and the Santa Cruz Mountains where he has lived for the last 30 years. Gary endeavors to create works of art that are themselves as moving and ruggedly striking as the wood from which they are made. Because he is so aware of the importance of the environment, Gary looks for fallen wood and tree stumps left by loggers. He searches for rare and unusually knotted and twisted burls that are often found at the bases of trees. Many of these are over 1,000 years old, and their sinewy grain displays a patina that can only be produced by centuries of exposure to the elements. Gary values the eccentricities of his material, developing his designs out of the unique imperfections and growth patterns. From ravaged remnants of ancient forests Gary reveals the depth of grain and color that is hidden within. These pieces are a reverent homage to nature, to ancient life, and to Gary’s own place within it.



About the Artist

Born 1957 in San Francisco, California. Currently residing in Soquel, California.


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