Ned Greene

 First Time Art Party Participant
Vanity Planet

A little bit about how Ned’s mind works:

“First of all, I’m a research scientist working in computer graphics & animation since the 80’s.  This GIF is an example of my early computer animation, which I wrote about in Scientific American in 1984.


 Unknown-3“Anyway, I started building big kaleidoscopes about ten years ago.  The first one was inspired by noticing that one’s reflection in two perpendicular mirrors (which is like a normal reflection except that left & right aren’t reversed) rotates when the mirrors are turned, and the reflection rotates twice as fast as the mirrors are actually turning. It occurred to me that if you were positioned between two pairs of perpendicular mirrors, the reflections between them would create a cylindrical tunnel of reflections turning at powers of two.  For people looking in, the first reflection turns twice as fast as the mirrors are turning, the second reflection turns four times as fast, the third eight times, and so on.”