Kelly Detweiler

 Two Time Art Party Participant
Still Life with Mask


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Artist’s Statement

When I left southern California and came to the Bay Area as a student I felt like I had found home. The faculty I was lucky to work with during those years is a who’s who list of many of the elite artists in Northern California. I spent a year working and living with Robert Arneson and dog sitting for Roy DeForest. During all of this time I started to find my unique voice, which is informed by, but not the same as any of these strong influences. I also was able to travel and see the art of Europe and beyond, and these experiences added to my perceptions.


My work is often autobiographical, sometimes political, usually colorful and sometimes humorous. I like to create narratives which are somewhat open to interpretation and allow the viewer to create their own response to the work. I have recently been working on pieces, which are cut out of wood and not reliant on a rectangle to define their space. The narratives in these are often about nature, home and the elusive nature of happiness.