Rebecca Palmer

 Six Time Art Party Participant
Leaves, Curve


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Artist’s Statement

Finding Light

These images pay tribute to the plant world. Plants and trees are our fellow beings; fundamentally, they are what we breathe and what we eat. We humans would not have evolved without them.


For this project, I looked carefully at beautiful leaves, branches and needles. As I looked, I wondered about experiences that each plant had had, as it grew during different weathers and seasons. Was there any way to know what the plant experienced during a calm spring morning or a freezing winter night?


Years ago an enormous pine tree towered over the house my family and I lived in. I admired its size and I appreciated its shade. The tree was full of life and it provided life. I felt awe and wonder as I thought of this tree growing over many decades to its impressive height.


When I made these images, I chose parts of many plants and trees that were familiar to me. As I assembled each scene for my camera, I hoped to create spaces for visual and mental journeys. 



About the Artist

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