Marielle Jakobsons

 First Time Art Party Participant
Into Being


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Artist’s Statement

What if we could see inside our bodies while we were listening to music, watching our cells and fluid bodies move and dance to the sound?


There is a connection between the surface of our skin and the water within cells in our bodies, and it is vibrating. Sound is movement: movement of the air and smallest of matter, affecting light and each of the cells in our bodies. The ‘Into Being Series’ invites the viewer to draw the curtain of existence and reveal the primal layer connecting us all.


These images were created with my Macro-Cymatic Visual Music Instrument, where fluid motion is spawned by musical vibration. It has been built with the support of the Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency, Brush Creek Foundation for the Arts Residency, Soundwave Biennial, and Djerassi Resident Artist Program.



About the Artist

Marielle V. Jakobsons was born in Ohio, USA, and currently lives in Oakland. Her work creates immersive audiovisual experiences, most recently with her visual music instrument. Her latest musical offering, “Star Core,” is available now on Thrill Jockey Records, and will be touring across the US and Europe as an immersive audiovisual experience. Her photographs, installations, and videos have been screened and exhibited across the country.